Paw Paw Public Schools

Achieving Excellence

Proposal 1 
$12,390,000 0 Mill Increase Over 2013
District-Wide Remodeling, 
Secure Entry Vestibules, 
Instructional Technology, 
Public Restroom/Team Building
• Secured entry vestibule
• Fire alarm system upgrades
• Phone system upgrades with 
 emergency response
• Emergency lighting upgrades
• Security cameras
• Window upgrades for energy efficiency
• Lighting upgrades for energy efficiency
• Restroom improvements
• Replace doors and hardware
• Heating, ventilation, and fresh air upgrades
• Electrical power upgrades for technology
• Parking lot improvements
Athletic Upgrade
• Public restroom/team building to be located at Falan Field
Proposal 2 
$1,670,000 0 Mill Increase Over 2013
Additional Technology Infrastructure 
and Instructional Equipment
• Technology infrastructure including wireless
• Classroom instructional equipment