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iPad/iPhone Recommended Applications and Settings

First and foremost you should set your device up so that if it should get lost or stolen that someone cannot access your information.  You can do this by following these steps to deter access and to find the device if lost or stolen. 

Turn On "On Screen Passcode" (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

  1. Settings - Passcode - Enter a Code or Change Your Code

Turn On "Find My iPhone/iPad" (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

  1. Settings > iCloud > Find My iPad
  2. This should be on on all of your Apple devices. This will allow you to find your device if lost or misplaced.
Here at school we use Google Apps (Gmail) for our email.  You can configure your device to sync with Gmail by setting the following options:
Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account > Choose Microsoft Exchange (Not Gmail)
  1. Email - Enter your email address
  2. Domain =
  3. Username = Enter your username ie. jadoe
  4. Password = Enter your Google Apps password
  5. Description = Name this account so you know what it is in case you have multiple email accounts  ie. jadoe Personal or jadoe Work
Tap Next, the device will verify the information and then ask you for the server.  The server is:
By default Mail, Calendars, and Reminders are set to ON.  I highly recommended that you turn on Contacts as well so you have all the school email addresses on your device.  When you turn on Contacts you're presented with a message asking you what to do with your existing contacts.  Choose "Keep on My iPad/iPhone"
Tap Save and now your Email has been configured on your device.
You'll need to create an Apple ID in order to download free and paid for applications.  Follow the steps on your device.  If you already have an Apple ID created on another device, you can enter that same information here to alleviate multiple accounts. It is recommended to use a personal email address when creating your Apple ID rather than a school issued email. 
  1. Settings > App and iTunes Stores > Apple ID 
Once you have your Apple ID set up, you can go to the App Store and install applications.
Recommended Applications (not definitive by any means, updated 9/24/15)
Notability ($) - Note taker, records audio, draw, type, take pictures, App of the Year 13,14,15
Gmail (Free) - Your email account native app 
Google Drive (Free) - Unlimited online storage for photos, files, and videos, plus all of your files from school
Evernote (Free) - Searchable note taking from anywhere
ToDoist (Free) - To do lists on all devices, can add it to your email 
Common Core (Free) - Michigan Standards
Khan Mobile (Free) - Good educational Stuff
Seesaw: The Learning Journal (Free) - Student driven digital portfolio
Google Classroom (Free) - Deploy, submit, discuss, and grade assignments
ClassDojo (Free) - Classroom management tool 
Macul Recommended Apps - By subject area click here
iBooks (Free) - Book reader
Kindle (Free) - Book reader
Nook (Free) - Book reader
Yahoo News (Free)
News (Free) - Native app on all devices, all your favorite news agencies 
NPR (Free)
USA Today (Free)
Flipboard (Free) - Combine different sources of news
Amazon (free)
AppShopper (free) - Tracks applications you want to purchase to get the best price
Craigslist (free)
eBay (free)
Facebook (Free) - Classroom communication tool
Google Hangouts (Free) - Free virtual meeting tool, great for virtual field trips
Twitter (Free) - Best PLN, resource meca
Pinterest (Free) - Unlimited classroom ideas 
ABC Player (Free) - Plays TV shows from ABC
CNN (Free)
DirecTV (Free) - Control/Records TV shows from anywhere
FlightAware (Free) - Track flights with an active map
INRIX Traffic (Free) - Realtime traffic status
Kayak (Free) - Plan a trip
MyRadar (Free) - The fastest radar updates I've been able to find.
SkyView ($) - Find constellations, satelites, etc...